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April 2, 2010
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Underwriting Process: The Property

Qualifying for a home loan seems like a simple process on the surface. However, in fact, a bit is involved in qualifying for home loans.

Before you begin the process of house hunting, you will be better served if you first take the time to become familiar with the loan process, including the various aspects that apply to qualifying for a home loan.

This article will give you some insights on why the particular property you want to buy will have a direct impact on the loan you are looking for. Of course, there are some obvious reasons why the properties in question are an important part of the total home savings loan. On the other hand, there are some factors that you have not considered when it comes to real estate that you are considering buying and a home loan that you hope to get.

Cost is everything

Obviously, the cost of the real estate itself is the main reason for the entire housing construction process. Your credit history and credit score will determine how big of a home loan you can get. Therefore, and of course, the cost of the real estate you want to buy, must necessarily be within the cost range that your credit history and credit score will be able to when it comes to financing.


Condition of the property

When it comes to qualifying for a home loan, you need to understand that the typical lender is very interested in the condition of the property. Many loan lenders loans do not like to give a person who wants to buy a so-called fixer-upper.

A piece of real estate, a house that is in poor condition, is not solid security when it comes to a home loan. Therefore, a loan lender will not be inclined to borrow money for the purchase of a piece of real estate that is not in good condition. Even if a lender is willing to lend money to buy a fixer shell, the ratio of a mortgage loan to loan will be significantly lower. In other words, although the estimated value of the residence is decent enough, the lender will only agree to lend you money for a reduced fraction of that amount to protect yourself based on the state of residence.


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