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Required Documents


Mortgage Basics: Required Documents

While you are going through the process of searching for a house to buy, you also need to take the time to learn the mortgage process. For this purpose, it is essential for you to master mortgage lending.

This article will provide you with mortgage lending. In particular, this article discusses the required documents that you need as part of the mortgage application process. Armed with this information you can apply for the mortgage you need to buy the house of your dreams.

Tax Returns

For most mortgage lenders, the most important documents you need to submit are your tax returns. You will probably have to file tax returns for a period of three to five years.

The tax returns allow a potential mortgage lender to see what you have earned over time. This will give the mortgage lender a better idea of ​​what your financial position is and what your income is likely to be in the near and not so near future.

Proof of Income

You also need to provide a mortgage lender with documentation for your current income. In this regard, you probably need to give the mortgage lender with two types of documents when it comes to the question of proof of income.

In most cases, you must specify pay stubs for a period determined by the mortgage lender. You will probably also need to get an affidavit or another type of document from your employer that will accurately track what your income is – and any projected changes that are expected concerning your income. These forms are usually straightforward to complete.

Credit Report

Your credit report will receive another vital document with a mortgage loan. In this regard, you do not have to create the credit report yourself. The mortgage lender – with your consent – will receive your credit report directly from one or the other of the credit bureaus.

You need to know that most credit reports today receive inaccurate or incorrect information at this time. Therefore, you should check your credit report before going for a home mortgage loan to make sure the credit report is correct.


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